Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Notes for Professional Organizers BC Canada


Turns out my blog is now visible on the Internet! 15 minutes ago I searched Google, Yahoo and MSN and my blog was no where to be found. My blog was still a well kept secret. But now since I have posted several entries, I am now listed on Google.

And if you search for this phrase on blogsearch.google.com:

"professional organizers" canada

you will find my blog entries come up in the top 10. How cool is that!

Note to professional organizers: Use the keyword phrase: "Professional Organizers" in your blog entry title and blog entry content to be found by your potential customers.

When you are conducting searches to find out where you rank in blogsearch.google.com, be sure to put quotes around your key phrase and then add BC, Canada to focus your searches to your area.

Tip: To find out how your blog ranks for the keyword phrase: "professional organizers" canada

Go to: http://blogsearch.google.com/ and type in the following phrase including the quotes:

"professional organizers" canada

To narrow your search to BC, type this phrase including the quotes:

"professional organizers" bc canada


Mhairi said...

Well done - sometimes its best to wait till you have a few postings before submitting your url to the blog engines - as you found out. Good luck with your blog.

Org Junkie said...

Hi! I'm a Professional Organizer in Northern, BC as well as a professional blogger. I'm the Organizing Junkie, come check it out!!

Org Junkie said...

Sorry, my main blog's address is orgjunkie.com.