Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know, I know... I'm advertising to prospective clients that THE next best thing to promote your business online is ... hear the drum roll ... to start your very own blog ... when I myself, the expert web designer doesn't have one. What! no blog? how could you? Blog feels left out when you don't have one. :-)

Well, there are so many questions to answer when starting a blog. The very first question they asked me on Blogspot.com is What is the title for your blog? I don't know. What would make a good title? I picked Web Design Secrets for my title back in March 2007. But now I think it's lame. And I'm still looking for blogs that are written by web designers and web marketing experts that I can look to for examples. I wasn't even sure where to look.

But just tonight, I was fortunate to attend an excellent presentation by Mhairi Petrovic of Out-Smarts.com. She told us how she started blogging incognito on myspace.com just to try it out and vent some of her frustrations. Then after this under cover experiment went well and she found she enjoyed venting and ranting anonymously she decided to start a blog for business. And she's gotten business from her blog. So it's working! Blogs do work!!!

That's really good advice. To start one for practice and see how you like it. I haven't told anyone about this blog so I don't think anyone has seen it. so let's see if it has been picked up by any search engines.

Sayonara! See you later!


Ruth Seeley said...

Well you're certainly blogging up a storm now, Katy - congratulations.

Maybe you'll attend the next local blogging conference, Northern Voice, where I met Mhairi this February. I now subscribe to her blog, so learned of yours that way.

Thanks for the tips on how to customize the header for your blog - you're a quick learner and I'm already taking notes.

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