Wednesday, January 21, 2009 has a fresh new look!

On January 15th, launched a new improved website design. The new website design features a wide 3 column layout with room for important links to the various sections of the website. We have redesigned our logo for a more colourful look and added a new slogan. Creating websites that work... so you don't have to. :-) In the main navigation menu, we added a button for the blog and a new articles section. Soon we will have an online Newsletter archive so you can catch up on our past newsletters at your convenience.

Are you happy with your website? Is it generating new leads and effectively communicating your message? We are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how to improve your website and to get more results.

Check out our new website design at

What's your action plan for January 2009?

In December, I encouraged you to update your business marketing plan. What new strategies will you be putting into action this month? Here are a few of my goals for January 2009.

For example:
1. Attend 4 new Networking Events this month
2. Write action plan for January and review on the 31st to see how many goals I have accomplished.
3. Write and send out Newsletter to my database of contacts.

What new strategies will you be implementing this month? Please write to me and I will post them here.

Happy Marketing!

Three Marketing tips for January 2009

Talk up your business. Wherever you go, talk about your business. And talk about your website. Tell engaging stories about how you helped your clients by building their business.

Go to online chat forums in your industry and post comments explaining tips and tricks of your trade or industry. Many people have gained valuable leads this way.

Start blogging. Add a blog to your website. Afraid of giving away your trade secrets? Sharing valuable information and advice about your business will establish you as an expert in your field. People will read your valuable tips and contact you to learn more and you can start building a relationship with them. Then you will have made a valuable contact which may result in future business.